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Game development - Part 1

Game Development

Today we’re finally talking about technical details of my game. There won’t be in-depth explainations or hardcore programming involved in this post though. We are only gonna lay down the structure, how I’m planning to realize the project and what has been done so far. The game I want to make an Action-RPG from scratch, in C++, without using a pre-made game-engine like Unreal or Unity. What I’m not making however is a game engine.

15 May 2016

SpaceApps Challenge 2016 - Paris

Hackathon Space

Hello again, turns out I lied in my last post because I won’t talk about my game yet. An awesome event took place and I want to talk about it! The SpaceApps challenge is an worldwide event organized by NASA every year. I was in Paris when it happened so I went there, met awesome people and a great place to work. We worked on Asteroid Mining. We imagined how our not-so-distant future would look like, explained why we would mine asteroid and how we would do it.

1 May 2016

Initial commit


Hello everyone! My name is Gilles and this is the first entry of my blog. Here, I’ll talk about various technologies and process involved in my personnal projects. But who are you? I’m a french student in computer engineering and an indie game developer on my spare time. I currently work part time in a company called Ansamb where we develop Places, an end to end encryption software for the masses.

10 Apr 2016